SATEC DI-300 Charpy V-Notch/Izod Machine

image of Satec DI-300 Charpy V-Notch/Izod Machine at CDME

The SATECT model DI-300 digital impact display and results management system provides solutions to problems such as windage and friction typically associated with impact testing.

The DI-300 helps speed and simplify test procedures and report generation. The display can be used with any BLI or SI impact test system (the POE2000 includes a built-in display). The DI-300 display provides a resolution of 0.1 J, 0.01 m-kg (0.1 ft-lb) and an accuracy of 0.1 J (0.1 ft-lb).  It is designed to meet or exceed the accuracy and test methods set forth in ASTM E 23.

Display Type 2 line x 20 character fluorescent
Resolution 0.1 J, 0.01 m-kg (0.1 ft-lbs)

0.1 J maximum at 0 J

up to ±0.0007 J at full-scale readings

(±0.1 ft-lbs max at 0 ft-lbs, up to ±0.0005 ft-lbs)

Repeatability ±0.1 at 0.01 J (±0.1 at 0.01 ft-lbs)
Power requirements 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz Dimensions (WxHxD) 247.7 mm (9.75 in) x 127 mm (5 in) x 317.5 mm (12.5 in)