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The Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence owns over $12M worth of manufacturing equipment. The amount of capital equipment available at CDME continues to grow in an effort to have the newest, fastest, most technically advanced manufacturing systems to compliment applied research and the needs of industry. This collection of equipment is capable of performaing advanced manufacturing operations using welding, forming, joining, injection molding, pressing, die casting, materials testing, electrical engineering, and 3D printing to satisfy the translational research needs of our faculty and manufacturing needs of industry. Furthermore, the center offers services related to corrosion, mechanical behavior and design. 

Equipment Lists

Additive Manufacturing Equipment

3D Router Setup Concept Laser MLabR
3D Systems ProJet 3500HD Max ExOne Innovent
3D Systems ProJet 660 Pro FormLabs Form 2
3D Systems ProJet Finisher Markforged Mark Two
Afinia H400 Mcor Iris HD
Afinia H800 SCA 3600
ARCAM Q10+ Stratasys F370
Arc-DED AM Machine UV Cure Chamber
Concept Laser M2  

Electrical and Controls Equipment

AOYUE INT 701A++ National Instruments VB-8054
LPKF Minicontac RS Rigol DS4034
LPKF ProtoFlow S Standford Research SR510
LPKF ProtoMat S63 Tektronix DMM 4040
LPKF ProtoPlace S Teledyne Lecroy Wavestation 2052
LPKF ProtoPrint S Vision Engineering Mantis
Manncorp RW1500 Weller WESD50

Materials and Welding Equipment

Battenfield 100/350H/350H Coldwater Machine Pedestal System VFAW
Bond Technologies RM15 Friction Stir Welder FANUC Robot S-430i F
Bϋhler Die Casting Setup Welding Fabrication Area
CDME-made Ultrafast Capacitor Bank  

Mechanical and Design Equipment

Buehler Micromet 1 Interlaken 300-ton Press
Clausing Drill Press Kent TRL 1314
Clausing Kalamazoo MS128VS Kent KTM-4VKF
Chevalier FSG-618M Leco/Olympus PME3
Cyclone FT-4826 Mitutoyo AR-10
FANUC α-D14LiB(5) Q-Lab QUV
Fisions ARL 2460 Romer Absolute Arm
Omax Global Max 1530 SATEC DI-300
Grizzly H2936 Stanridge Metrology Surface
Instron 5958 Testing System Tennsmith HBU48-12

Instron 8501 Servo Hydraulic Machine

Tennsmith Air and Hydraulic Shear

Instron 8801 Hydroforming Press System