Program Management

Program Management Division

Managing program resources, monitoring progress and building shared understanding.

Teaching students to use machine

CDME takes away the administrative burden of managing translational research projects. Assistance is given on all aspects of contract management including costing, scheduling, delivery and closeout. Projects are managed to industry standards and best practices for new product introduction.

The Program Management Division ensures once a project has been funded, students are actively involved with the management of the project and PMP principles are taught. The team is involved from pre-planning of a project, to project execution, to post-project feedback and reporting. CDME defines project ground rules, creates data management plans, tracks costs and executes a program plan to keep projects on schedule and on budget.

The team has decades of combined project management experience in industry settings. At CDME, they have managed 70+ projects worth over $30 million. Students in the division are mentored by these professionals to ensure they are ready to enter the workforce post-graduation.

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Define Projects Define Program Goals | Scope of Work | Manage Phase Closure | Schedule Oversight
Project Agreements Develop and Execute Program Plan | Proposal Development | Contracts | Paths for Follow-Up Funding
Build Shared Project Understanding Sharing Project Goals | Communication Plans | Knowledge Transfer | Liaison Between Sponsor and Stakeholders
Compliance Tracking ITAR Compliance | Monitor and Report Progress | Risk Management | Manage Project Changes

Points of Pride

Cost Management Create Project Budgets | Cost Tracking and Reporting | Managing Budget Resources
Setting and Managing Schedules Securing Meeting Venues | Managing In-Person and Virtual Training Sessions | Quality System Management
Personnel Management Facilitating the team recruiting process | Communicating with Stakeholders
Post-Project Reporting Conduct Post-Project Surveys | Create Post-Project Reports | Performance and Productivity Assessments

Success Stories

The Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) had the pleasure of welcoming a group of enthusiastic high school students from Northland High School in Columbus, Ohio. The tour was an exciting and educational opportunity that allowed these young minds to get a glimpse into the fascinating...
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What We Aimed To Do Honda donated the TLX frame which was on display at COSI, The Past Foundation. The frame needed to be prepared for use in OSU Classrooms. This required it to be able to fit through classroom door and be easily moved. The car needed to be cut and mounted on custom-made...
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What We Aimed To Do Carbon nanopaper based coatings are a lightweight, durable, inexpensive and abrasive resistant material that has been successfully prototyped by Ohio State. Our goal is to take this technology and develop it from 1 sqaure foot pieces to a continuous production process...
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What We Aimed To Do Through committees and multi-industry projects we worked to identify the critical gaps in the technologies used for manufacturing as well as increase the overall competitiveness of Ohio’s manufacturers. We also worked to create a new model of commercialization support...
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Program Management Leadership

Program Management Leadership

Michael Gentil headshot
Michael Gentil
Program Manager
Tracy Owens headshot
Tracy Owens, PhD
Program Management Faculty Director

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