Program aims to increase the resilience of Ohio’s manufacturing sector

DOD Supply Base Resilience and Diversification Program

DOD Supply Base Resilience and Diversification Program

Turn your idea into a product.

With funding support from the U..S. Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment, the SBRD program was designed to provide product development support for small businesses, startups, and inventors.
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Manufacturers believe in innovation. But few teams have the time, resources, and knowledge to truly innovate, addressing the future while serving the present.

CDME is the manufacturing port of entry into Ohio State. We provide industry a simple, expeditious way to access all the technical and physical assets of the university and surrounding research community. 

We aim to stay ahead of ever-changing workforce demands by offering experiential learning opportunities to undergraduate students. 

With a unique student readiness approach, a multitude of design and manufacturing capabilities, and a shared vision with industry needs, CDME will guide the future of American manufacturing.

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