Preparing TLX Frame for Classroom Use


What We Aimed To Do

Honda donated the TLX frame which was on display at COSI, The Past Foundation. The frame needed to be prepared for use in OSU Classrooms. This required it to be able to fit through classroom door and be easily moved. The car needed to be cut and mounted on custom-made frames. The purpose of this project was to provide students an up-close look at the welds and fasteners used in different parts of a car.

What We Did

CDME received the car with half of the shell removed as it was on display at COSI. Bolts were removed and it was weighed to determine where it would be cut into thirds. CDME made custom chassis to support the sections of the car to make them more mobile. The chassis were powder coated black and the car sections were attached to them.

What’s Next

The car remains in Professor Shah’s room and will continue to act as a full scale model for students to see first hand the different materials and welds that make up the body of the car. This will continue to aid students in coming up with new solutions for car bodies in the future.


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