Workforce Training In Polymer Engineering


What We Aimed To Do

Through committees and multi-industry projects we worked to identify the critical gaps in the technologies used for manufacturing as well as increase the overall competitiveness of Ohio’s manufacturers. We also worked to create a new model of commercialization support that works to connect small businesses with their technological needs and provide financial and business resources. The program helps Shepherd products through a new project implementation (NPI) program. The final goal of the project was to develop a workforce training program. This project was broken down into 5 steps, with 4 of them being completed here at CDME.

What We Did

Our team worked in tandem with the Ohio State University, North Central State College, and Next Generation Films to develop a 2-year degree and certificate program in Polymer Engineering. The project was funded through an EDA grant and was created to increase the competitiveness of Ohio’s manufacturing base in the global economy as well as providing students a career path into Polymer Engineering and eventually a 4-year degree.

What's Next

This project is 90% complete. CDME was the leader of the project. Four of the five tasks were completed by us. The final task was completed by OMI from OSU, Columbus State, and North Central State College. This project helped to establish CDME.


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