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Success Stories

Columbus Nanoworks

Columbus Nanoworks is the charter client of our MEP program, which officially began October 2016. They were introduced to CDME by Rev1 Ventures, one of our external partners. The initial challenge Columbus Nanoworks brought to CDME was the design and creation of a hand-held fluorescence detector for use with our fluorescent diamonds. "After learning about the depth of expertise and range of equipment available at CDME, we've begun exploring projects for incorporating the diamond into or onto several types of materials", shares Cindy Rampersaud of cofounder of Nanoworks.

CDME provided a first-generation prototype with which to showcase their diamonds to potential clients and investors, a process that took approximately one week from start to finish. We are now discussing nextgeneration prototypes and additional projects that include project management and the introduction to collaborators and potential clients.

"As a small business, it’s extremely important, and often very difficult, to get needed help from those with the expertise to bring a technology forward. CDME has been tremendously helpful and responsive, exceeding our expectations at all levels - professionalism, range of knowledge and abilities, availability of equipment, willingness to listen to our needs and respond with advice and suggestions, offers of introduction to those who might be helpful or have interest in our technology, and enthusiasm for our project. CDME has worked with our small business as though we’re one of their biggest clients." 


-Cindy Rampersaud, co-founder Columbus Nanoworks