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Upper Arlington High School Visits for Idea Day 2018

Upper Arlington High School students Idea Day 2018

CDME was abuzz with young and powerful minds on Friday, February 9. A group of 34 students and four instructors were with us for several hours as part of Upper Arlington's first annual Idea Day. 

The event was based on Chicago Ideas Week, and its purpose is to inspire these young adults to use their strengths to drive positive changes using skills like innovation and creativity. The first half of their day was spent at school listening to speakers and panelists before departing for a location where creativity, innovation (and possibly college and career options) could be experienced. 

Our guests heard an overview of the center and were treated to a rare tour, which highlighted live advanced manufacturing demonstrations. Their visit concluded with an interactive and competitive ideation session that rewarded teams for best delivery, best teamwork, and most innovative design. The ideation session was an exercise in using limited materials, following directions, being creative, and using theory to deliver the best vessel (think airplane). The group that hit the target with their vessel won. We saw large airplanes, sleek airplants, airplanes with weighted noses or tails, and balls of paper (the winner!). These young minds worked together, had fun and could explain the theory behind their design and the vessel's success or demise. 

Upper Arlington School District's mission is to "serve, lead and succeed". These 34 students are well on their way in accomplishing that.