thelab - Manufacturing User Facility

OSU’s first-of-a-kind manufacturing user facility

thelab is designed to provide university researchers, businesses of all sizes, and entrepreneurial individuals affordable access to industrial-scale advanced manufacturing equipment and personnel in an environment that mimics production manufacturing in order to:

  • Evaluate the redesign of their products to utilize advanced manufacturing technologies,
  • Produce prototypes and preproduction runs for market evaluations and customer feedback,
  • Determine real manufacturing costs on their products in order to better estimate the return on investment for advanced manufacturing technology investments, and
  • Train their workforce on the use of advanced manufacturing equipment prior to installation in their production facility.

thelab affords users access to pilot scale manufacturing equipment, printed circuit board manufacturing equipment, manual and CNC machining, grinding and welding equipment and commercial scale additive manufacturing resources. Internal OSU, external companies and individuals are be offered a fee-based hourly rate for equipment/facility usage that can be operated by the user once he or she is properly trained.  Training is quoted on a case-by-case basis.

In the event that the user would like CDME to complete the work on their behalf, upon request a firm fixed price quote will be generated.

Kent Knee Mill


Michael Gentil

CDME Program Manager


main desk: 614-292-6888