DOD Supply Base Resilience and Diversification Program

DOD Supply Base Resilience and Diversification Program

Turn your idea into a product.

The DOD Supply Base Resilience and Diversification Program was designed to provide product development support for small businesses, startups, and inventors.

Update: July 31, 2020

We've had an incredible turnout of submissions for the first round of the SBRD Program. Thank you to all those who took the time to share their product idea. Our team is in the process of reviewing submissions. Any submission received after midnight of Friday, July 31, 2020, will be considered for the program's second round.

Pitch your product idea, and it could become one of the 21 new technologies selected to receive funding and technical support from CDME. If chosen, you’ll walk away with a prototype, or minimally viable product (MVP).

The success of your business model hinges on your ability to have a functional prototype. It’s the first step that gets your idea noticed, increases your chances of receiving additional funding, and launches the commercialization process. 

This program was developed by CDME and the U.S. Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment. Our collective mission is to increase the sustainability and resilience of Ohio's manufacturing sector while advancing new, innovative technologies.

Watch Our Virtual Kick-Off

The following footage is from a webinar held Monday, June 22. The event was hosted by CDME and included an overview of the SBRD initiative. It also details the program's selection process, criteria, and intended outcomes. Click here to access slides from the presentation. All deadlines mentioned are related to the program's first round.

Businesses and inventors interested in receiving ongoing announcements related to the SBRD can opt-in to get email updates here

SBRD Virtual Kick-Off - Round 1

"The goal of the program is to make companies more sustainable by reducing development costs, speeding up the innovation process, and providing access to viable market opportunities.”
CDME Program Manager Michael Gentil

The Process

Businesses meeting the criteria shared below can submit solutions to receive funding for technical assistance consistent with prototyping or product development. CDME will pool new ideas, narrow down the field of candidates, and host a technology pitch day for selected companies to present their solution.


Projects will be undertaken in three different rounds spanning 18 months, with approximately seven technologies chosen in each round to transition into an MVP. Dates below reflect first-round deadlines.



The Value for Your Business

We want to turn your idea into reality. 

It has been shown that once a company has a prototype, the chance for additional funding increases dramatically. This may happen commercially through investors or state funding, or within the U.S. Department of Defense through small business grants.

By participating in this program, your product will receive the funding and technical support to increase its Technology Readiness Level

We’ll help you reduce development costs, speed up innovation, uncover viable marketing opportunities, and identify dual-use applications.

You’ll also gain access to our playbook for accomplishing this feat, which can be used in the future to advance technologies. 

Submitting this idea now will improve your future business ventures. In the down-selection process, you’ll receive direct feedback from university and military technical experts. The right people will become aware of your technology and, perhaps more importantly, you'll become aware of future opportunities through the professional connections you make. 

Why Work with CDME

CDME's mission is to enhance American competitiveness through the introduction of new technology.

We aim to achieve this goal by focusing on product and student development. Through industry-funded product development projects, undergraduate students gain hands-on, mentor-based experience integrating new technology into market-ready applications. The center operates a 28,000 square-foot, ITAR compliant manufacturing facility on the West Campus of The Ohio State University, and houses more than $12 million worth of advanced manufacturing equipment.

CDME works with more than 150 national partners and has participated in over 350 applied engineering projects in the last five years advancing product commercialization, economic impact, and workforce development.

CDME Capabilities

Our projects bring ideas and foundational science into industry practice. We’re the manufacturing point of entry into Ohio State ⁠— bringing together researchers, faculty, industry professionals, government representatives, and students to solve problems, improve operations, and develop new technologies. 

Each project at CDME is assigned a project manager and follows a New Product Introduction (NRP) model. This industry-tested method supports task and gated models, providing clear deliverables with project plans and deadlines for completion. 

The center employs two dozen industry hardened experts with over 425 years of combined engineering experience. With access to more than $12 million in manufacturing equipment, engineers are capable of advancing projects involving:

  • Additive manufacturing (metal, ceramic, polymer)
  • Robotics
  • Welding
  • Materials
  • Joining
  • Assembly
  • CNC and machining
  • Biomedical and biomechanical devices 
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning manufacturing applications
  • System design
  • Sensing
  • Automation
  • Injection molding
  • Composites
  • Die casting
  • Stamping and forming
  • Testing and characterization
  • Simulation
  • Electrical and controls

Our equipment and expertise continue to evolve to facilitate the newest, fastest, and most technically advanced systems. To review our equipment selection, please browse the “User Facility” section of our website. 

A majority of CDME work targets the aerospace and defense industries. CDME operates an ITAR-compliant manufacturing facility and can administer projects for the U.S. Department of Defense

Who Should Apply

The DOD Supply Base Resilience and Diversification Program is open to individuals and businesses who meet the following criteria:

  • Small companies and startups submitting must have under 100 employees. 
  • The submitter must own a clear connection to the state of Ohio (offices, manufacturing, services, or operations). An Ohio mailing address will be requested.
  • The invention should have or be eligible to receive a U.S. Patent.
    • CDME will perform applied engineering to complete the MVP. We will not create intellectual property.
  • The inventor must be a U.S. Citizen or U.S. Permanent Resident.
  • Submitted projects should fit CDME capabilities to result in a prototype or minimally viable product (MVP).
  • The estimated CDME labor cost award value of MVP development will be approximately $50,000 and five months in duration using CDME engineering resources. The submitter will be required to supply a 10% cash cost share plus materials. 
    • Larger projects will be considered but need to be compelling.
    • Before work begins, a detailed, fixed-priced project scope-of-work with expected deliverables, costs, and timelines will be presented to the inventor by CDME. CDME will implement the project. The grant will cover the labor for CDME personnel at no cost to the inventor.
    • The inventor will pay for the costs of all materials (scope provided by CDME).
  • The invention must have a military application - either combat or non-combat use. CDME engineers and representatives from the U.S. Department of Defense will select dual-use technologies that support the defense mission.

If you’d like to discuss criteria, capabilities, or projected costs further, please email CDME Program Manager Michael Gentil. 

Access Terms & Conditions

How to Participate and Next Steps

Participation requires a completed submission of this web-based form: Submissions can be issued by any individuals or businesses that meet the criteria illustrated above

The DOD Supply Base Resilience and Diversification Program will follow the below process: 

  • The submission period for the first round of ideas will be open until Friday, July 31.
  • Submissions should be made through our web-based form.
  • The CDME evaluation team will review all submissions. The evaluation team will follow the criteria mentioned above and select the top 15-20 projects. If selected, the project owner will receive an invitation to the Pitch Day event. 
  • Communication to all successful and unsuccessful teams will be sent by Friday, August 14 for the first round. 
  • A virtual Pitch Day for the first round of selections will be held on or around Tuesday, September 1
    • Please note this event will be held virtually based on COVID-19 restrictions. 
  • Pitch Day will offer project owners the opportunity to meet and pitch their idea to university and military representatives. 
  • Department of Defense representatives will make final recommendations, while CDME engineers will select the seven final projects to advance into MVP development.

All dates are subject to change and will be communicated here. Dates for the second round of submissions will be shared after the deadline for first-round submissions has passed.

Submit Your Idea

Any submission received after midnight of Friday, July 31, 2020, will be considered for the program's second round.