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What CDME can do for you:

From research and development to industry funding, CDME can help you access resources that will accelerate the production process. Through the center, you can gain:

Collaborative Value Creation

CDME will work with partners to identify non-competitive, synergistic partners to maximize the return on investment of all partners. Partners will be introduced to emerging university technologies and start-ups through collaboration.

Workforce Development

Students are a cornerstone to CDME and participate on projects alongside the center’s experienced engineering staff. Partners can influence the hiring of students and have first access to them upon graduation.

Leveraged Funding Opportunities

When applicable, CDME will work with partners and university researchers to pursue synergistic federal and state basic research funding to leverage against the applied research project dollars.

Professional Program Management

The founding principles of the center are to deliver value creating translational research from the university to our industry partners. All projects are managed via industry vetted new product introduction processes, which are stage gated to maximize results.

Ease of Contracting

CDME supports easy engagement with single and multi-partner projects with simple and efficient contracting documents. CDME will facilitate inter-party collaboration.

University Concierge and Access

CDME can access and coordinate the necessary researchers and facilities across the university to ensure the right resources are applied to the project to maximize the impact to our partners.

Workforce Growth

CDME and their partners will provide their partners with access to programs which allow for workforce growth. These may include lectures, workshops, or short courses.