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University Centers

Access to these facilities provided under the partnership will provide CDME industry partners direct access to state-of-the-art laboratories, equipments, and faculty experts. Join to be a partner today!


Ohio Manufacturing Institute (OMI)

OMI develops industry-vetted policy recommendations to help the state and nation develop a best-practice competitive ecosystem for small- and mid-sized manufacturing enterprises (SMMEs). 

Center for Simulation Innovation and Modeling (SIMCenter)

The SIMCenter is an interdisciplinary research center for the virtual simulation and modeling of product performance and manufacturing processes in the College of Engineering. The center researches and applies computer-aided engineering techniques to the design and manufacturing of advanced product and production concepts. 

Technology Commercialization Office (TCO)

TCO is dedicated to supporting academic and clinical researchers, inventors, colleges, and centers by advancing their discoveries and innovations to market. 

Technology Entrepreneurship and Commercialization (TEC) Institute

TEC Institute's mission is to accelerate the commercialization of innovative technologies for increased return on innovation investment and to train academic and business professionals in the advanced art, science and practice of technology entrepreneurship. 

Center for the Accelerated Maturation of Materials (CAMM)

The mission of CAMM is to develop research tools for the accelerated insertion of new materials and optimization of existing ones. This is done by developing and integrating computational modeling and simulation with advances materials characterization. An integration of academia and industry, CAMM performs world class R&D and develops technologies, which are captured in products that create wealth and jobs and provides an enhanced educational process. Inputting significant effort in developing and integrating characterization and modeling, CAMM develops new research tools and methodologies to accelerate the insertion of new materials into commercial products. 

Center for Automotive Research (CAR)

CAR research focuses on: energy, safety and the environment, aimed at improving sustainable mobility. CAR offers state-of-the-art facilities for students, faculty, research staff and industry partners.

Fontana Corrosion Center (FCC)

In the MSE department at Ohio State, research conducted at the Fontana Corrosion Center (FCC) focuses on the study of aqueous corrosion in the effort to develop better methods to protect materials from the adverse impacts of the environment. With a direct link to this research and these facilities, CDME and industry partners have rst access to cutting edge anti-corrosion research and methods.