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Student Expertise

CDME employs a growing cadre of undergraduate and graduate students across the spectrum of majors. These students bring different focus areas and passions to projects executed by CDME. The cross section currently includes students from multiple engineering disciplines, business and finance, visual communications, marketing and industrial design. CDME works to ensure they get out to customer sites and see what engineering and manufacturing actually looks like. CDME strives to ensure that students learn the business of manufacturing. This includes:

Business Development

Students at CDME learn how to identify and develop new business opportunities for CDME and its partner companies.

Industrial Design

Students are involved in ideation and creation sessions with customers, which lead to novel solutions for industry.

Project Scope and Definition

Students learn how to effectively define and scope projects. An understanding of performance based milestones is introduced very early.

Project Management

Once a project has been funded, students are actively involved with the management of the project. PMP principles are taught and utilized.

Product Lifecycle

Students work with industry partners to ensure that technology insertion and product development follow existing lifecycle plans.

Business Analysis

Students participate in programs such as ICorps @ Ohio, business plan competitions, entrepreneurship programs and other initiatives where they learn how to create intelligible business analysis.

Partner and Supply Chain

Collaboration is a cornerstone of CDME, and students actively participate in projects that involve multiple partners from a manufacturing supply chain or from non-competitive industries. Students learn how to identify and manage partner relationships.


Students create CAD and/or software prototypes of industrial design projects.