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What CDME can do for you:

From fundamental research to applied research, CDME can help you develop your technology and commercialize them into the market. Through the center, you can gain:

Exposure to Industry Funding and Expertise

CDME affiliate faculty will have the opportunity to participate in externally funded industry projects providing a mechanism for successfully translating their research. Industry expertise can be utilized to inform and guide future federal research efforts.CDME will also actively identify new federal, state, and internal funding sources applicable to our researchers and industry members. CDME will support the development and capture of funding when managed in conjuction with the center.

Access to Product Engineering Managers, Staff, and Facilities 

CDME employs full-time reduction to practice managers and staff who work with affiliate researchers to industrialize basic research.CDME maintains relationships with a large network of external engineering firms that are engaged when needed. CDME houses various industry manufacturing equipment which continues to increase daily. CDME researchers have access to these systems and can help set the direction for new equipment to be procured in the future.  

Professional Program Management 

CDME takes away the administrative burden of managing translational research projects. Assistance is given on all aspects of contract management including costing, scheduling, delivery, and closeout. Projects are managed to industry standards and best practices for new product introduction. 

Technology Access Fee Distribution

All projects sponsored by industry members of CDME result in assignment of the foreground intellectual property resulting in a technology access fee. This fee is treated as royalty income and distributed to collaborating faculty on the project.

Commercialization Support

CDME will actively participate in the commercialization process with our faculty researchers. Engagement with the Technology Commercialization Office (TCO), local incubators, and investment networks will be facilitated. When enabling federally funded background intellectual property is needed for a project, CDME works with the Technology Commercialization Office (TCO) to develop a fair licensing model with our industry partners. Listed OSU investors share in the license royalties per policy.