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IAP Magnepress - electromagnetic forming operations

picture of IAP Magnepress capacitor bank systemIAP Magnepress | capacitor bank system designed for electromagnetic forming operations

Electromagnetic Forming Operations

The technology

The IAP Magnepress is a capacitor bank system designed for conducting electromagnetic forming operations. It has the ability to store up to 15,000 Volts of electricity, which can then be rapidly released through the durable coaxial cable system to the desired forming coil configuration. The sharp current pulse exceeds peak values of 100,000 Amps, creating a high-intensity momentary magnetic field that induces strong forces to a conductive metal workpiece.

The process

In the configuration shown, a multiple-turn primary coil transfers energy to a central tapered field shaper, allowing the electromagnetic forces to be concentrated on a cylindrical part.

Joining of aluminum and steel

This test case illustrates the creation of a conformal joint between dissimilar materials, where a 6061-T6 aluminum tube has been compressively deformed onto a steel mandrel. Different mandrel profile geometries can allow for increased joint strength in either tensile or torsional load applications, which provides flexibility for this technology to be applied to a variety of product manufacturing applications.