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Agile Tooling Database

Printing your own tools is here and now with the advancement of 3D printing. The importance of thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity and compression strength are essential to design stamping, forming, casting, and injection molding tools, but these material property values are not currently included in additive manufacturing literature. There is a need for an agile tooling database where printers can reference tested standards for thermal conductivity, electrical resistivity and compression strength.


CDME is proposing test prints to allow for validation of published data and for the collection of additional data relevant to toolmaking.

A line-up of initial collaborators has been drawn, and we are wanting additional sponsors who can help us identify materials or material types to be tested. Untimately, this collaboration will yield a database that includes vital material properties that can be applied to agile tooling. The database will remove the guesswork. Agile tooling becomes even more efficient.

If you are interested in helping establish a standard library of material properties for agile tooling with our team, please contact John Bockbrader or Nate Ames (emails to the right).