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Agile Tooling

CDME has the resources to print tools for injection molding, dies, stamping, hydroforming, and die casting. Manufacturers can now not only print parts, but they can print their own tools.

What is Agile Tooling?

Agile Tooling is a term used to describe the design and fabrication of manufacturing-related tools such as dies, molds, patterns, jigs and fixtures using the best technologies in a configuration that maximizes the tool performance and minimize manufacturing time and cost.

Agile Tooling allows manufacturers and OEMs to design based on performance needs without fear of delayed prototyping timelines or exorbitant costs. A fully functional Agile Tooling Laboratory consists of CNC milling, turning and routing equipment, various additive manufacturing platforms (FDM, SLS, SLA, DLS, etc.), hydroforming, vacuum forming, die casting, stamping, injection molding and welding equipment.

Shared Expertise and Resources

  • Fabrication Lab
  • Additive Manufacturing Lab
  • Agile Tooling Lab
  • IC3D Printers

In-House Capabilities

As using the most appropriate manufacturing technology is crucial to agile tooling, our Agile Tooling Lab contains a wide variety of equipment. This includes the equipment listed below.


  • 300-Ton Interlaken Hydroform & Conventional Press  

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  • 250-Ton Bühler Die Casting and Squeeze Casting Press

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  • 120-Ton Battenfeld Co-Injection and Foaming Press 

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  • ProJet 3500 HD Max – High Precision  

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  • ProJet 660Pro – Full Color  

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  • FormLab Form 2 – SLA  

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  • Mcor IRIS HD  

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  • Afinia H800 – FDM  

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  • Afinia H400 – FDM  

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  • ProJet Finisher  

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IC3D Printers

  • IC3D Custom Large Format FDM
  • UV Cured
  • Full-Color Gypsum Powder
  • Full-Color LOM
  • SLA
  • Sand
  • Vacuum Forming


  • FANUC Robodrill Machining Center

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  • FANUC 430i Welding Robot

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