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Additive Manufacturing of Engines

Additive manufacturing is defined as the process of joining materials to make objects from 3D model data, usually layer upon layer, as opposed to subtractive manufacturing methodologies.

Additive manufacturing creates limitless opportunities for prototyping and one-off to medium-sized batch production. Working with this technology gives you the advantage of speedy production, low cost material, and quick form analysis. Additive manufacturing is at the frontier of manufacturing technology, and CDME wants to put this resource into your hands.

For a list of Ohio State additive manufacturing resources, visit: Resources.

If you know the type of printed parts you need, please feel free to Request a Quote.


CDME is proposing to build and test an engine based on the capabilities afforded by additive manufacturing, including all types of AM materials. This project is about pushing the limits of our knowledge, more so than building an engine. It is based on the redesign of an engine using additive manufacturing - in a span of 18 months - using significantly less parts and greatly enhanced performance, specifically less C02 emissions and improved horsepower.

If you are interested in joining us in the design and manufacture of engines using AM, please contact John Bockbrader or Nate Ames (emails to the right).


  • Additive Manufacturing Lab
  • Agile Tooling Lab
  • IC3D Printers



  • ProJet 3500 HD Max – High Precision 
  • ProJet 660Pro – Full Color  
  • FormLab Form 2 – SLA  
  •  Mcor IRIS HD  
  • Afinia H800 – FDM  
  • Afinia H400 – FDM  
  • ProJet Finisher  

IC3D Printers

  • IC3D Custom Large Format FDM
  • UV Cured
  • Full-Color Gypsum Powder
  • Full-Color LOM
  • SLA
  • Sand