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The Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) is administrated through Ohio State's Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME).

CDME has been designated as a gateway to the university system and thus has access to an extensive network of resources including:
  • equipment
  • laboratories
  • facilities

This reach provides small and medium sized manufacturing companies with uncommon access to growth resources for their businesses. The College of Engineering alone at Ohio State houses over $600 million worth of equipment accessible by industry partners.     

CDME currently operates a 40,000 square foot commercialization facility that houses manufacturing and product innovation equipment represented in today's manufacturing industry. 

Our manufacturing assets and capabilities
  • injection molding
  • additive manufacturing
  • welding and joining
  • robotics
  • electronics and electrical systems
  • stamping and pressing materials

This equipment allows the CDME engineering team to assist in the acceleration of new products or enhancement of existing products in an efficient and effective manner. 

When necessary equipment is not available at the center or within Ohio State, a large partner network is engaged to the benefit of the client. This includes other universities, federal laboratories, and commercial partners.