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Partner Network Support

MEP at Ohio State has a regional network of partners for client companies to provide a gateway into necessary manufacturing resources. This partner network is beneficial to companies because it extends to economic development organizations and business service providers as well as academic institutions to serve all small to medium-sized manufacturing enterprises. This extensive partner network ensures that all manufacturing entities receive the support necessary to succeed.

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Growth Advisors

Through this network, MEP at Ohio State has employed Growth Advisers to work with manufacturing leaders across the region to solve businesses problems and improve the economic competitiveness of the small and midsized manufacturing base. The MEP growth advisers at Ohio State's Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) provide consultancy services for clients with a focus on organizational growth, operational efficiency, technology acceleration and workforce development. Growth Advisors are assigned specific areas based on their geographical location, which means they are genuinely invested in the growth of businesses in the areas which they work. Identify which Growth Advisor can help you from the list to the right. 

External Partner Resources