News for Research

Advancing manufacturing education through learning simulations
CDME is working to create digital learning tools and interactive simulations for...
CDME receives OSHA grant to enhance industrial robotic safety
CDME creating a training program with an OSHA grant
Multidisciplinary team receives $4.6 million to advance prosthetic and orthotic design
M4 Division part of team receiving HHS funding to advance prosthetic design
Ohio State experts to help Ohio small businesses improve cybersecurity
CDME receives $1 million grant to train small businesses
Engineers, clinicians join forces to earn innovation funding
$35k Center for Medical and Engineering Innovation pilot grants
Using 3D printing to improve dental care
M4 Lab teaches dental students how to use 3D printing
One-of-a-kind Solukon depowdering machine lands at CDME
Students get experiential learning in post-processing for additive manufacturing...
3D blueprint for surgeons improves head and neck cancer treatment at Ohio State
A futuristic lab is printing 3D models of patient anatomy and tumors to advance...
Demand for manufacturing in space provides out-of-this-world opportunities for Buckeye engineers and scientists
Multi-disciplinary research will be tested using parabolic flight capabilities...
Industry partnership working to individualize patient care
M4 Division partners with KLS Martin to individualize patient care