Meet the Team with Principal Engineer Dimitri Papazolgou

Dimitri Papazolgou standing in front of the Open Additive machine.

The Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) at The Ohio State University is a leader in the additive manufacturing space, bringing together the equipment and technical expertise needed for industry advancement. Dimitri Papazoglou, PhD, recently joined CDME as a principal engineer in the Additive Manufacturing Division to continue to foster innovation. 

Papazoglou's education started with a bachelor's degree in mechatronics engineering from Vaughn College of Aeronautics and Technology in 2017. He completed his and PhD in electrical engineering from the University of Dayton.  

Papazoglou's passion for research began during an internship at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where he served as a research engineer intern. Throughout his academic pursuits, he assumed various roles, including principal investigator at PRIXARC, lab manager for the Biomedical Engineering and Additive Mechatronics Laboratory, and taught classes at the University of Dayton. He recently took the time to sit down and share about his background and why he came to CDME.  

CDME: What is your role at CDME? 

Dimitri Papazoglou: I am a principal engineer in the Additive Manufacturing Division. In this role, I lead projects and constantly look for new projects, whether it’s through government grants, funding applications or collaborations with companies. Additionally, I work closely with undergraduate students because they play a significant role in executing these projects. 

CDME: How did you discover your passion for additive manufacturing? 

Papazoglou: My interest in 3D printing began as an undergraduate student in 2014. I was able to use basic 3D printers. 3D printing was at the hobby level and was just starting to grow. New York especially had lots of innovation in 3D printing, which is where I was at the time. I was drawn to the idea that metal 3D printing was the future and during my graduate studies I focused on metal 3D printing. 

CDME: What are you excited to do while at CDME? 

Papazoglou: I am super excited to get into motorsports projects that involves developing parts for race cars or other motorsports applications. I am also interested in doing more biomedical applications because my PhD research was focused on that field. 

CDME: What makes you passionate about research? 

Papazoglou: In science, everything must start somewhere. I believe research is the starting point of every great idea and there’s many more practical applications within that space.  

CDME: How do you wish to grow your career while at CDME? 

Papazoglou: I hope to grow personally by improving my communication skills, delegation abilities, and gaining more confidence in writing proposals that convince companies to collaborate with us. Overall, it is a combination of large skills, soft skills, and managerial skills in addition to supplementing my engineering background. 

CDME: What is an important milestone that got you where you are today? 

Papazoglou: When I first started studying engineering, I did horrible my first year. I was really dissuaded from continuing my engineering studies because I wasn’t doing well. So, for me, learning how to learn was one of the most vital parts of my education. 

CDME: Can you offer advice for students looking to join the field? 

Papazoglou: When you first start off it is going to be extremely uncomfortable, and that uncomfortableness may make you want to quit. It should be understood that being uncomfortable is a part of learning, it can only make you strong.  

CDME: What are you excited about for the future of additive manufacturing? 

Papazoglou: I am excited that the industry is looking at 3D printing as more than a niche product and trusting it for commercial applications. We are starting to see 3D printing in jet engines, automotive, and biomedical applications. There are many decades of innovation left for additive manufacturing, we are far from our final form.

By: Sarah Lowenthal, CDME marketing and communications student assistant

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