CDME moves forward with renovation and strategic expansion of core facilities

Posted: July 29, 2021
CDME Campus

The Ohio State University’s Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME) is progressing on a renovation project that will expand the center’s footprint. The strategic investment in core facilities will empower collaboration with increased laboratory and administrative space spanning Ohio State’s Innovation District

CDME works with companies and researchers to translate new technologies into market-ready products. These industry-driven projects give student employees real, hands-on experience integrating new technology while providing customers the workforce advantage necessary to compete in the global marketplace. 

The center executes this novel approach to technology translation and workforce development while shaping the national conversation on advanced manufacturing innovation. 

CDME will house more than $15 million in industrial-scale equipment within its updated 37,600 square-foot ITAR compliant campus. The ongoing renovations will enable CDME to increase its laboratory square footage by creating a new, separate space for engineering operations. 

The center will operate its Manufacturing Innovation Learning Laboratory (MILL) from 1314 Kinnear Road (the sole facility previously operated by CDME), while its Medical Modeling, Materials and Manufacturing Lab (M4) will be housed at Ohio State’s Nanotech West Lab. Bevis Hall will hold all CDME administrative operations.

CDME Campus

Overall, CDME’s areas of emphasis impact a wide range of manufacturing sectors, including robotics, machine learning, additive manufacturing, entrepreneurship, biomedical, cybersecurity, and defense systems. 

CDME employs 20 full-time staff members. These industry-hardened professionals execute projects while mentoring and advising CDME student employees. More than 200 undergraduate students across academic disciplines have been impacted by CDME to date, with 80 students currently employed by the center. 

The renovation project, which started in late July 2021 and will continue into the autumn semester, will allow CDME to facilitate collaboration and set the scene for the future of experiential education.