Laserflex Hosts OSU Students, Exposes Real-world Applications

Posted: March 8, 2017

Ryan Denomme leads the students on a tour of Laserflex
Ryan Denomme leads OSU students on a tour of the Laserflex facility on February 21.

A committed group of Industrial Design students and CDME Student Research Assistants from The Ohio State University visited Laserflex for a tour and close-up view of how industrial design translates directly into action within the walls of this industrial facility located on the west side of Columbus.  

Sparks flew within the walls of this Columbus-based industrial company as students witnessed lasers precision cutting intricate shapes in metal. Laserflex is a premier manufacturer of precision metal components who prides themselves on their advanced laser technology used to process metal. Students saw how hours of industrial design are actively applied to metal in mere seconds through any one of Laserflex's laser cutting systems. 

picture of industrial design students from OSU on Laserflex tour

Ryan Denomme, sales representative for Laserflex, led the tour, which was available to CDME Student Research Assistants and second-year Industrial Design students at OSU. The goal of the visit was to expose the students to a production laser cutting and fabrication facility so they can better understand the design constraints that the process imposes on products. "Understanding the processes that are used in production makes them better students and prospective employees after graduation", explained Nate Ames, an instructor within OSU's Industrial Design program.

CDME at OSU uses Laserflex for laser cutting and metal fabrication, and Laserflex is an invaluable partner of The Ohio State University as is evident through their support of many departments and centers within OSU through the years. In addition, Laserflex is an employer of many OSU College of Engineering alumni. Our Student Research Assistants and Industrial Design students valued the opportunity to see how design, technology and industry intersect at this innovative company who calls Columbus home. Check out their website for fascinating videos of their equipment in action.