CDME Adds Ultrasonic Energy Table

Posted: February 20, 2017

Image of John Bockbrader assembling the ultrasonic energy table at CDME
John Bockbrader │ Project Lead, Ultrasonic Pre-consolidation of Composites
John Bockbrader, Project Manager at CDME, assembles the ultrasonic energy table in the CDME lab. This patented device uses ultrasonic energy to remove entrapped gas pockets from composite layers prior to final composite curing.

CDME’s Bockbrader partnered with the ultrasonic pre-consolidation inventor, Avraham Benatar, Associate Professor of Welding Engineering and Director of the Plastics and Composites Joining Laboratory, to develop a table that will use this innovative method to remove residual gases from within composite layup.

The process was designed specifically for structural laminates for helicopters but can be transferred to the structural components of airplanes, ground vehicles, and composite armor. We are currently proposing a joint applied industry-specific research project to enable commercialization of this device.