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Asymmetric Technologies

Asymmetric Technologies

MEP client, Asymmetric Technologies, held an event in Ohio this summer that showcased their newest technology. CDME was there in support as an invitatation-only crowd was witness to this new technology. Their introduction of a needed and now commercial product is a testament to the benefits of MEP programs. 

Asymmetric Technologies' Mission
To navigate the transition of emerging technology through the final stages of development and into the field environment, resulting in sustainable operational programs for our customers.

Asymmetric Technologies' Focus Areas:

  • ​Persistent Surveillance Sensor Systems
  • Unmanned Systems Technologies
  • Connected Vehicle/Infrastructure
  • Advanced Optical Sensors
  • Soldier-Worn Technology


How did we help Asymmetric Technologies?

CDME assisted Asymmetric in product development and business development efforts. We are extremely proud of the collaboration and efforts of the teams from Asymmetric and CDME.

Congratulations to Asymmetric Technologies!