Interlaken 300-ton Hydroforming Press System

image of Interlaken 300 ton press hydroforming press system at CDME

Our Interlaken press possesses a single-acting, servo-controlled hydraulic press with mode switching during the process, a servo-controlled Hydroforming Feed Actuators that are fully integrated, a Servo-controlled Pressure Intensifier with pressure control valves, Interlaken designed tooling with changeable die inserts for differing cavity shapes that can be run with or without end feed and a B&R PC/Controller with 3rd generation Intel i7 processor. It is dual acting and consists of a 4 post main platen.

Capacity 300 tons
Internal dimensions 24" x 56" x 39"
Center ram capability 320,000 pounds
Oil bath 300°F
Pressure control ≤1500 PSI