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Bϋhler Die Casting Setup

photo of Buhler casting set up at Ohio State's CDME

Ohio State's Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence is home to an industry-leading die casting cell that is capable of creating near net shape components in both aluminum and magnesium alloys. The cell is a first of its kind at any U.S. university and offers industry the opportunity to access these capabilities for development of advanced lightweight structures.

When combined with the engineering resources of CDME and the Center for Simulation Innovation and Modeling (SIMCenter), industry has the ability to develop, test and prototype their unique application designs on a pilot or pre-production scale prior to making the capital investments required for product commercialization.

Setup components

Bühler H-250 SC Die Casting Cell 

2-ft x 2-ft die bed

250-ton press

2-mm thin section capability 

Production rate about 60 shots per hour (with Magnesium Alloy AM50)

Payload Capacity: 65 lbs

Busch 30-inHg vacuum pump and accumulator tank

MPH 500-lb Aluminum furnace and crucible

Metamag 500-lb Magnesium furnace and crucible

Pyrotek Star 2500 rotary degasser and flux injection system

Bühler dataccess controller

Rimrock ladling system, adjustable pedestal for vertical shot position compensation

Mokon HTF oil system

Die spraying device

Fondare vacuum

Electric resistance furnace