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Arc-DED AM Machine

image of Arc-DED AM Machine at CDME

Our CDME-made Arc-DED AM Machine utilizes two components, a Panametrics gantry system and Lincoln Electric 350 mp for welding power supply. The Panametrics gantry system utilizes XY directional movement to move the welder head into proper position for Arc-DED 3D printing while the Lincoln Electric supplies the power necessary to make the weld.

Gantry System
Manufacturer Panametrics
Process(es) XY directional movement
Primary Function moves the welder head into position for Arc-DED 3D Printing
Welding Power Supply
Manufacturer Lincoln Electric 350 mp
Process(es) MIG, Pulsed, Flux-Cored, Stick, TIG
Primary Function welding, metal fab, maintenance and repair, auto body, light industrial

60 Hz- 208/230/460/575/1/60

Output 5-350 amps, 50-700 WFS

Arc-DED AM Machine at CDMEStage 1

image of Arc-DED AM part before refinementStage 2

image of Arc-DED AM part after refinementFinished product