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E3 Innovation Lab

What is the E3 Innovation Lab?

It's a space where students can bring to life their innovative ideas for designing and prototyping new products, including:

  • Meeting spaces to ideate and design
  • Equipment to build and test the design
  • Assembly areas to complete prototypes and test manufacturability of the design

Who can use this Lab?

The lab is open to all Ohio State students, faculty and staff to use for capstone projects, funded projects, club activities, personal projects and independent study credit projects.

What equipment does the Lab have?

Please see CDME's Equipment pages for all the available tools we offer.

A safety test is given and must be passed for any hand or floor mounted power tool.

Are there any costs involved?

  • Most of the small tools are free/low cost to use after training.
  • For the 3D printers, the cost is calculated by the amount of material used.
  • We do not supply materials for the CNC machining center, laser engraver, and CNC router.
  • We charge for setup and post-processing of the part by the hour. Parts that are to be CNC cut or 3D printed will need a solid model ready to machine or print.
  • We can help with the design of your part for a nominal fee