PictureAlyssa is second from the left

My Experience

I began working as a student design and marketing intern at CDME in January of 2016. In my past year and a half, I have watched CDME grow and change as we acquired new staff, projects and offices. As the main creator of our foundational marketing material, I have always felt a sense of importance and value in my work at CDME. Not only do I create original content for the center, but for real companies and university groups. My job requires me to interact with CDME partners and clients on a daily basis, working with them on real-world projects and following a fast-paced timeline. Receiving this experience as a student was crucial to my professional development and the refinement of my design skills. As an incoming fourth year visual communication design student, I feel that I am ready to enter the design industry with the skills required to keep up with professional demands.


The main takeaway from my experience at CDME so far is that nothing will prepare you for the workforce more than diving into projects that you have never done before. Although classroom experiences are crucial to design education, interacting with projects that affect the physical world and the people for which you are designing allows you to truly understand the design process. This process teaches you how to be adaptable, problem solve and collaborate with others. These are extremely valuable experiences that have strengthened my work throughout my time at CDME.

Entering Industry

After acquiring over a year of experience at CDME, the center connected me with Ikove, a venture development firm based in Columbus. Ikove focuses on pursuing early-stage investments with emphasis on commercialization technology. As Ikove’s new design intern, I create brand and marketing material for Ikove’s portfolio companies and their technologies. Specifically, I work with the companies that specialize in medical technology. Due to my experience at CDME, I was perfectly comfortable and confident stepping into these projects. CDME has provided me with both the skillset and the portfolio material needed to prepare me for the next steps in my career.