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Experiential Entrepreneurship and Engineering (E3) Program

The Experiential Entrepreneurship and Engineering (E3) Program is the first in the nation to combine state-of-the-art educational programs in product design, manufacturing, commercialization, and business modeling with advanced on-site prototyping capabilities and real-time, industry-sponsored research and development projects. This includes a Student Innovation Lab with design, rapid prototyping, assembly and light manufacturing capabilities.

sandblasting chamber by used by a studentstudent spray coating a partSystems Engineering Software instructor


The student program aims to continuously maximize the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship training by:

  • Preparing students for real-world careers (in industry or start-ups) with an unprecedented combination of experiential, hands-on and academic learning
  • Leveraging existing facilities, equipment, expertise, and operations of Ohio State’s colleges, departments and research centers
  • Attracting the best students from a diverse representation across all majors
  • Building a sustainable entrepreneurship education program through a revenue model which incorporates industry sponsorships, paid projects, grants, and donations
  • Launching successful graduates into rewarding careers through employment in industry and/or by incubating student-led technology start-ups


video production student

student and mentor in the product testing labohio state engineering student


E3 prepares students to be future business leaders and high achievers in industry or start-ups, while having direct interaction and collaboration with other students from a diverse set of majors. 

Paid Positions

Students are paid for work completed on industry projects throughout the program, which helps offset the costs of their academic programs.


Students are given access to facilities, equipment, experienced mentors and industry-seasoned experts who will guide their experiences at the Center for Design and Manufacturing Excellence (CDME).

Certification Programs

In addition, students will have the opportunity to participate in certification programs that promote soft skill development, experiential learning and hands-on education.

Job Placement

Students participating in the program develop close working relationships with industry partners which provide accelerated career opportunities, including internships, priority access to hiring managers and enhanced job placement and advancement.