Resources for Learning Python


This page compiles multiple open-source Python educational resources that the AIMS Lab members have found useful and would like to share with you. These topics are meant as guides and starting points for your own discovery path. Good luck!



Broad Python Courses

The below linked courses offer a comprehensive introduction to Python. Each is offered for free online and available to everyone!

Course Name Notes / Features Resource
Programiz Tutorial Python 3 Website Link
Automate the Boring Stuff Python 3. Videos. Website Link
Learn Python Python 3. Interactive Shell. Website Link
Code Academy Python 2. Interactive Shell. Website Link
Programming with Mosh Python 3. Youtube Videos.

1-hr. General Intro Video
2-hr. 30-Mini Lessons Video



Suggested Learning Topics

Difficulty Topic Resource

Introduction to Python

Video: Python in 100 sec
1 Basics 1: Versions, Script Structure < todo >
1 Basics 2: Modules, Documentation Real Python on Packages and Modules
1 Basics 3: Interpreted Language < todo >
1 Typing Hints, DocStrings, Commenting Practices Typing Hints
1 Loops: Indexing, Zip

Real Python on Indexing and Slicing
Python's Zip Function

1 Data Containers Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries (simplified)
1 Debugging with VS Code Debugging Python Scripts
2 Requirements.txt Using Pip and Requirements.txt
2 System Modules: OS, SYS, TIME GfG on OS
2 Environments < todo >
2 Code Organization with Classes

GfG on Classes
Blog Post on Class and Module Organization
Real Python on Class Inheritance

2 Class Methods with Dunders Real Python on Class Methods
Python Docs
2 Exceptions Real Python on Exceptions
Python Docs
2 Continuous Integration & Code Maintenance < todo >
3 Data Containers: External Storage I (human readable) Real Python on JSON
Python Docs
3 Data Containers: External Storage II (advanced)

Real Python on Pickle
Python Docs

Intro to HDF5
HDF5 in Python

3 Data Containers: External Storage III (databases)

Video: MongoDb in 100 sec
Real Python on MongoDB with Python

3 Debugging Advanced Techniques

Cornell CS 312 on Debugging
Real Python on the Logging Module

3 List/Dictionary Comprehension Real Python on Comprehension
Python Docs
3 Recursion

Real Python on Recursion
On Recursive Problem Solving
Video on Recursive Problems and Solutions

3 Code Organization with Modules Absolute vs Relative Imports
3 Multiprocessing Multiprocessing Overview
4 Python Collections Module Some Collection Types