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Industry Advisory Committee

The Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) consists of two representatives from each of the current partner companies. The IAC meets on a regular basis to ensure that CDME is effectively creating value for its partners.  

The IAC has the following functions:  

To provide the “voice of the customer” to CDME leadership

This guidance ensures CDME remains relevant to the manufacturing industries. Needs-based analysis provides CDME with the basis for recommending collaborative projects within the center. partner’s needs also define priority technologies and capability scouting that the center undertakes to support projects.

To help connect CDME with outside partners, vendors and potential partners/customers to support active and future projects. 

CDME works with preferred supply chain partners and/or vendors to developed value accretive projects for the partnership.

To rank and score early stage project opportunities for CDME’s commercialization and technology investment. 

This ranking will be done in joint sessions with the Research Advisory Committee.  Often the technology is being matured through internal, state or federal initiatives.

To provide high level strategy for the direction of the center. 

The IAC can propose and assist in the implement new student programs, workshops, workforce development, etc.